Rage, rage and more rage…

I’ve had a bunch of people finding their way to this blog, looking for info on rage. Road rage. PTSD. Anger. All that.

It’s getting late, and I need to finish my taxes, but let’s consider for a moment how the ‘rage thing’ works with TBI.

The brain gets its wires crossed.

It doesn’t quite understand why it’s getting confused.

It revvs up and goes into overdrive, trying to get things sorted, but it keeps getting stopped.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world is like, “Come on! Hurry up! What’s taking you so long?!”

And the adrenaline gets going.

And it goes and goes and goes, and the parts of the brain that can usually talk it down are impaired, so it never gets chilled out. And the ptsd kicks in. And the whole works gets churned up.

Rage, rage, and more rage…

And that’s not even talking about possible seizures.

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