Chillin’ out the anger thing

Interesting couple of weeks… periods of remarkable calm, interspersed with intense anger. Almost like I have to re-learn the whole anger management thing periodicially, to have it make sense to me over the long term.

It’s not easy on my loved-ones, of course. And I’ve been actively working with this anger-business over the past week, to get it in line.

I’ve been having a lot of good results from working with my breathing and practicing a more mindful way of life. And I think I finally understand:

  1. How I can identify what the source of my anger is, when it’s coming up.
  2. Why the anger/rage/irritability comes up so intensely.
  3. How to diffuse it in a timely manner before all hell breaks loose.
  4. How to think about anger/rage/temper issues in ways that don’t make me feel like a complete inept idiot who can’t keep their act together.

The last piece of the puzzle is, by far, the most problematic one. But I believe I’ve found a way to get my head around it.

Lucky for my loved ones… And for me.

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