Miles to stretch before I sleep

So, I have been stretching before I go to bed each night, and am I glad I have.  The pain is much less than it has been, and it’s easier for me to relax and get to sleep. It’s also easier for me to relax during the day, if I stretch periodically.

This relaxing thing is becoming increasingly critical to me. One of the ways TBI can wreak havoc with you is by making you more agitated and restless. And that  feeds — and feeds off — fatigue, which makes everything worse, including cognition.

By consciously relaxing throughout the day and tracking the times when I get knotted up, I can just kind of let go and allow my mind and body to relax a bit. Which in turn frees up more energy for me to use in productive activities. Like getting some work done.

Such a little thing — stretching — which makes such a big difference.

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