New sleeping approach is working out pretty well

My original plan to keep to a steady schedule with my sleep has gone out the window. The whole scheme of getting to bed at 10 each night and getting up at 6? Not happening. Instead, I am getting up earlier, staying up later, and taking naps during the day. We have a nap room at work, where I can sleep for an hour, if I need to. I’m up and working around 5:30-6:00 each day, and I often work till 6:30-7:00 p.m. I figure my employer can spare an hour of my time around mid-day.

It is really, really working well. Not only do I have time to do all the things I want to do, but I also recharge my batteries when they are starting to run low. Even if I do get a full 8 hours of sleep at night, around 1 p.m., I’m still running out of steam, so I might as well sleep.

It’s been hugely energizing for me. Getting 6-7 hours of sleep, then getting on with my day, and getting another hour later on (and possibly another half hour in the evening after supper) keeps me going — and at the kind of pace I want to go at.

I can’t endorse this approach for anyone else — and it might not work for others, because of work and family situations — but I can endorse it for me.

Life wants to be lived. And I can’t live it, if I’m always asleep.

Now, mind you, folks who are struggling with TBI tend to need more sleep, and this approach may not work for me in the long run. But for now, it’s working really, really well.

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