3 hour nap. Still tired.

Depressed, too. Not feeling great. A little sick. In need of a break.

Tired, just really tired. Worn out. Feel like I’ve been working so hard, keeping things going, and I’m getting to the end of my rope. I don’t want to let anyone down, but man, am I bushed.

4 thoughts on “3 hour nap. Still tired.

  1. Look back at these past posts – what is the pattern – pushing yourself too hard and making justifications for it, then scrambling to compensate for mistakes, temper, behavior etc. Pre-plan rest points, breaks. Go to bed at a certain time every night. At least one day a month spend the whole day sleeping if necessary. Sit and listen to the summer breeze. Work really really really hard at doing nothing.

  2. Ps. You are not letting ANYONE down – that’s a story in your head and ONLY you can rewrite it. Start now.

  3. You know, you’re right. If anything, I’m going directly against the interests and wishes of others by pushing myself too hard. People tell me to take a break. They tell me to ease off. But that’s the last thing I want to do. Again, it’s the whole stress-induction thing. The more busy I get, the more tired I get, the more busy I want to be. And then I crash, sometimes burn. Hm. I’m sitting listening to the summer breeze now. I do have things I have to do today, but not THAT much. It’s all manageable.


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