Clumsy, clumsy, clumsy

Ever since I got back from my trip, I’ve been bumping into stuff left and right. Dropping things. Having things fly out of my hands. I know what that’s about — I’m tired beyond tired. I’m beat. Worn out.

So, after work this afternoon, I lay down and took a nap. Better now. Still a little clumsy, but less so than before.

It really bothers me, even though I know what it’s about. I feel like I’m retarded (sorry for the non-pc word). Deficient. Lame. Broken. I don’t feel smooth and cool. I feel like a dork. I don’t feel like a normal person. A normal person would have some control over their movements, not be spastic for no good reason.

I don’t feel like I have a good reason to be so clumsy. I didn’t used to be like this. And I’m too young to be doddering about.

I know what this is caused by – fatigue. But it doesn’t feel like I should be as affected as I am.

Only thing to do, is keep getting good rest. And not be too hard on myself over this. Just rest. And cut myself a break.

One thought on “Clumsy, clumsy, clumsy

  1. Yes, rest and give yourself a break! It’s interesting how hard you are on yourself when you know you are over tired. Also, I’m glad you were able to meet a lot of family on your trip. It sounds like some of them are like you from what you said. Cool family!

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