Rough week

This has been an incredibly difficult week. Not made easier by the absence of my neuropsych, who is the only sounding board I actually have to just bounce ideas off. They’re also the only person in my life who doesn’t actually laugh at me or make light of me or misunderstand me when I get turned around. This is not easy, and it has a couple of different effects on me:

1) I appreciate all the more the help I get from someone who is actually able to help me

2) It sharpens my sensitivity for those who are without this kind of help, who struggle through alone, day in and day out.

I once heard a meditation/prayer of some kind about “Let this suffering awaken in me compassion for others” … or something like that.

Okay, I’m awake now.

It’s time for bed. Good night.

5 thoughts on “Rough week

  1. Thank YOU Broken Brain-Brilliant Mind. You for me have been my “sounding board”. Hoping that week will be a better one for you!

  2. I have heard, “May I and others be free from suffering and the root of suffering.”

    Having gratitude for what is available is good energy, I’ve learned the hard way. I know your perspective and insight are always right on so I offer no advice, but lots of support and comfort.

    Hugs, dear one.

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