Sleep – the magic elixir

So, I got a good night’s rest last night. I didn’t get to bed as early as I was planning, but I did sleep through – got about 7 hours, which is about average for me, now.

It’s amazing what a difference a good night’s sleep will make. I’ll have to do it again tonight. I’ve got a pretty sane day ahead of me — a chance to catch up on so much that I’ve been falling behind with — and I’m meeting with my neuropsych tonight for the first time in about a month. That often tires me out, and I find myself really crashing at night.

Plus, my spouse is out of town till late tonight, so I have less incentive to stay up and watch t.v. till all hours.

Yes, sleep. Good stuff.

I had another heavier workout this morning, which was good. I took a few days off to let myself recover, and I’m already feeling stronger than I felt a week ago, which is good. I used to go to the gym regularly — twice a week, like clockwork — and I felt great. I wasn’t a walking exemplar of bodybuilding uberfitness, but I was in really good shape, and I was able to wrangle some pretty heavy weights, back in the day.

Now it’s time to head back in that direction. I know I have to be careful, because it’s been more than 10 years since I was in that good a shape, but with the right approach and a lot of attention paid to form and nutrition and rest, I really believe it’s possible. I’ve just got to use my head and not let my ego get in the way or push me to do things that I should really wait on doing.

Okay, all that being said, it’s time to get ready for my meet-up with this former colleague of mine. I’m looking forward to hearing what’s going on.

One thought on “Sleep – the magic elixir

  1. that is great you got some sleep, yes, it is good to let your boby rest a day after a work out.

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