It’s not *always* TBI

It's "knot" always TBI ;)

Sometimes I’m just a pain in the ass.

Sometimes I just feel sorry for myself and I’m looking for pity from anyone who has it to offer.

Sometimes I’m just ill-behaved.

TBI certain doesn’t help these. But it’s not necessarily the cause.

Oh, well — time to just get on with it.

4 thoughts on “It’s not *always* TBI

  1. Well, we all like to have an excuse when it comes to our personal behavior. And we tend to not always realize other people’s excuses. I do want to say that you are a person who is always striving to do better and improve. You take accountability when you make mistakes. There are times when it is TBI or some factor beyond your control. And there are times when things are in your control. Either way, I know you always try to overcome. You have come so far so don’t look down now!

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