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When I saw the tweet from Greg Rosenthal yesterday “@greggrosenthal  The NFL should fine coaches for the use of the term “mild concussion.”  All I could think of was this post.

Originally posted in 2010

There is NOTHING mild about a concussion, period.  However media, teams, players and even medical staffs continue to use this nomenclature with this injury.  It is simply counterproductive to label this injury with a “mild” tag, and hampers the effort of everyone trying to increase awareness.

Granted, those that have extensive training in the area of injuries, and particularly head injuries, understand the term “mild” when it is in concert with concussion.  This subset of the population is not the one that needs the education, rather it is the general public, which includes players, coaches and parents.  A common problem amongst people who are educated in a particular field is that…

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Author: brokenbrilliant

I am a long-term multiple (mild) Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI or TBI) survivor who experienced assaults, falls, car accidents, sports-related injuries in the 1960s, '70s, '80s, and '90s. My last mild TBI was in 2004, but it was definitely the worst of the lot. I never received medical treatment for my injuries, some of which were sports injuries (and you have to get back in the game!), but I have been living very successfully with cognitive/behavioral (social, emotional, functional) symptoms and complications since I was a young kid. I’ve done it so well, in fact, that virtually nobody knows that I sustained those injuries… and the folks who do know, haven’t fully realized just how it’s impacted my life. It has impacted my life, however. In serious and debilitating ways. I’m coming out from behind the shields I’ve put up, in hopes of successfully addressing my own (invisible) challenges and helping others to see that sustaining a TBI is not the end of the world, and they can, in fact, live happy, fulfilled, productive lives in spite of it all.

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  1. All brain injuries should be referred to as “Traumatic Brain Injury”… and NO exceptions.

    Since CTE Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy is the proper term for repeated concussions maybe it should be call CTE and drop Mild Concussions. Nothing MILD about any brain injury. Notice now after accidents the media always reports “No life threatening injuries”. My reply to that is: “Only life-altering injuries”.


  2. I agree about referring to all brain injuries as TBIs. It’s simply accurate. “Concussion” is a euphemism, like “drop your basket” is a Southern euphemism for having a nervous breakdown. People are afraid of it, plain and simple — in part because they don’t understand it, in part because it hits so close to home for so many. The ONE thing nobody wants to injure, is their brain. Yet it happens so often.

    I have a different perspective about CTE. I think of it as a result of multiple concussions/TBIs, rather than the injuries themselves. I think of it more as an outcome than the actual event(s). Maybe that’s just me getting worried about my repeated TBIs, and being really concerned about ending up like so many. But I’m not sure CTE is the result of every series of repeat TBIs, so I’m going to differ with you on that point.

    “Life-altering injuries” indeed — that’s a profoundly true statement.


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