Shared from WordPress – some notes from another tbi blogger about our old friend fatigue

When I say I’m tired… –


Author: brokenbrilliant

I am a long-term multiple (mild) Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI or TBI) survivor who experienced assaults, falls, car accidents, sports-related injuries in the 1960s, '70s, '80s, and '90s. My last mild TBI was in 2004, but it was definitely the worst of the lot. I never received medical treatment for my injuries, some of which were sports injuries (and you have to get back in the game!), but I have been living very successfully with cognitive/behavioral (social, emotional, functional) symptoms and complications since I was a young kid. I’ve done it so well, in fact, that virtually nobody knows that I sustained those injuries… and the folks who do know, haven’t fully realized just how it’s impacted my life. It has impacted my life, however. In serious and debilitating ways. I’m coming out from behind the shields I’ve put up, in hopes of successfully addressing my own (invisible) challenges and helping others to see that sustaining a TBI is not the end of the world, and they can, in fact, live happy, fulfilled, productive lives in spite of it all.

2 thoughts on “Shared from WordPress – some notes from another tbi blogger about our old friend fatigue”

  1. Wow. I’ve just been writing about the same things (or similar.) I’ve just developed a TBI where I get migraines that appear as strokes. I just can’t get enough sleep.

    Best to you.

    And hi to you hon


  2. Oh, the synchronicity. I would say “misery loves company”, but I’m not actually miserable, and I’d never wish it on another person 😉

    Yah, those migraines appearing as strokes. That’s always fun. I get numbness on one side of my body, tremors, tics, and my speech gets slurred. Fun! I’ve gotten worried a few times, but after thinking through my actual experiences and what led up to them, it’s always been clear to me that it was environmental, directly related to stress, fatigue, etc.

    I’ll check out what you’ve been writing lately — have been under a work-related rock for quite some time, now.

    Must remedy that.


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