TBI Research Riffs is a blog dedicated to discovering and discussing research on traumatic brain injury (TBI) and concussion. I am an independent, unaffiliated researcher who has drawn on research to develop my own program of brain injury recovery, successfully resolving years of post-concussive issues which posed a direct threat to my life and livelihood.

Thanks to my ongoing research and application of neuroscientific findings (along with assistance from an experienced, capable neuropsychologist), I have fully restored my ability to function effectively in the complex milieu of my daily life.

By profession, I am a technologist, with a focus on metrics, analytics, and the data science that makes them useful. I have been working with data directly and indirectly since 1992, with a 10-year focus on the phenomenology of brain injury and BI recovery.

I am particularly interested in:

  • The phenomenology of brain injury — how it’s experienced, and how that experience can shed light on the true nature of this complex condition.
  • Identifying ideological hurdles to constructive TBI / concussion diagnosis and treatment
  • Quantifying the semantic values of words used in brain injury research, as I believe it plays a role in diagnosis and prognosis.
  • Exploring missed cues for understanding and treating brain injury, which hindered the progress in this field and may have contributed to prolonged confusion, conflict, and suffering.
  • Identifying new approaches which can effectively quantify the experience and impacts of TBI / concussion and provide us with objective insight into this pervasively damaging health issue.

Why am I doing this, and how did this start? Read about it here – https://tbiresearchriffs.wordpress.com/about/how-this-site-came-to-be/


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