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Since 2008, I’ve been blogging about my recovery from multiple mild traumatic brain injuries, learning as I go and sharing what I can. This is more than a passion for me – it’s a mission.

I specifically seek to:

  • Get brain injury recovery information to recently concussed individuals quickly, before the desperation sets in and/or they start making the kinds of decisions that will either further endanger them or prolong their recovery.
  • Beyond the initial “acute” period, provide support and encouragement to individuals who are recovering from mild TBI and are confused about what they can expect, and why it’s taking so long for them to heal.
  • In the long run, for those of us who have prolonged periods of difficulty, struggle, and various levels of catastrophe, provide an insider’s view into what it’s like to piece your life back together, after others have given up on you, or flatly refused to help you anymore. That happens all too often. I’ve lived it. I’m still living it. And it breaks my heart to think that others have to go through this… “experience” (that’s my nice, polite way of putting it).

If you also believe in this mission, and you’d like to help me get the word out, you can donate below. You can make a one-time contribution, or contribute monthly. Any amount is welcome. Thanks!

You can support my mission by donating below, contributing any amount you like.

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