Images for memory practice

Here is a whole page of line drawings you can use to sharpen your memory. These are meant to help you learn to keep details in mind over extended periods of time, and recall details later. To use these, pick one you want to memorize — click on it, so it’s the only thing you see on the screen. You can also print it out. Study it for a while, and you may also want to practice drawing it.

After a few minutes, go do something completely different. Check your email. Or eat a good meal.

Later, get some paper and a pencil and see if you can remember how to draw the image.

Try again several times a day — and over the course of a few days. See if it makes a difference for you. I know it does for me.

circles-3-lines-2-1-r-up-1flagl-2flagsr-cross-r circles-3-lines-2-1-r-up-1flagl-2flagsr circles-3-lines-2-1-l-d-5-hash-even circles-3-lines-2-1-l-d circles-3-lines-2-1-r-d circles-3-lines-2-1-r circles-3-lines-2-1 circles-3-lines-2-1-r-d-5-hash-even circles-3-lines-2-1-r-d-5-hash-UNeven circles-3-lines-2-1-r-up-5-hash-UNeven circles-3-lines-2-1-r-up-circx-5-hash-UNeven circles-3-lines-2-1-r-up-flag-5-hash-UNeven circles-3-lines-2-1-r-up-2flags-5-hash-UNeven circles-3-lines-2-1-r-up-2flags 3-circle-2-plank-double-slash-r-l-boxes 3-circle-2-plank-double-slash-r-r-boxes 2-plank-odd-2-1-3b-w-circle-double-slash-r-l-T-boxes-1l-circle-black-3-circ-white-3r-circle-black 2-plank-odd-2-1-circle-double-slash-r-r-boxes-1l-circle-black-3r-circle-black

Memory Test Image - study it, then draw it from memory later
Memory Test Image – study it, then draw it from memory later

2-plank-odd-2-1-circle-double-slash-r-l-T-boxes-1l-circle-black-3-circ-white-3r-circle-black 2-plank-odd-2-1-b-w-circle-double-slash-r-l-T-boxes-1l-circle-black-3-circ-white-3r-circle-black 2-plank-odd-2-1-2b-w-circle-double-slash-r-l-T-boxes-1l-circle-black-3-circ-white-3r-circle-black 2-plank-odd-2-1-circle-double-slash-r-l-boxes-1l-circle-black-3r-circle-black 2-plank-3-circle-double-slash-r-l-boxes-1l-circle-black-3r-circle-black 2-plank-3-circle-double-slash-r-l-boxes-3r-circle-black 2-plank-3-circle-double-slash-r-l-boxes-4r-circle-black 2-plank-3-circle-double-slash-r-l-boxes-2r-circle-black 3-circle-2-plank-double-slash-l-r-boxes 2-plank-3-circle-double-slash-r-l-boxes 2-plank-3-circle-double-slash-r-l-boxes-1r-circle

Memory training test - day 3
This is a little more challenging than the others.

circle-square-triangle-rectangle pattern_39_37317_lg translation-clipart-pattern_14_37292_lg

5 thoughts on “Images for memory practice”

  1. My particular brain has always struggled with visual memory, beyond the extremely simple; it seems to have always been down for the count (particularly faces – until I know the person well I can’t pull up their name because I’m not sure who they ARE). I have taught myself to rely on the verbal/cognitive modalities, which are among my strongest.

    I can’t even follow a road map without turning it into spoken directions – aloud (go two streets, pass First Ave., then turn left and drive past Broadmore before turning right.) If it’s much more complex than that it calls for drafting written directions (in huge type, line by line, so I can refresh my memory with a quick glance while I’m driving. As my eyesight ages, it makes driving quite the challenge. By the time I can focus on the road signs, I’ve usually whizzed by them. “Recalculating” is my middle name!

    Speaking of which, my GPS would be a lot more useful if it didn’t begin with “drive to indicated street.” I can’t even figure out “you are here” on mall maps most of the time. Bummer, huh – but I’ve figured out how to work with it for most tasks.

    The only way I would be able to recall the images above would be to use a verbal/cognitive system – but I will be back-linking this post to at least one of my memory articles to help those with working visual memories they want/need to strengthen. Watch for pings. (PLUS, this gives me an idea for a new modalities post I’ll put on my list for the future – thanks for that!)
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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