Juggling for TBI recovery

I started juggling a few weeks ago, and the results have been pretty amazing – improved short-term memory, better reaction time, better physical condition, more relaxed. This is just the kind of mindfulness meditation I’ve been looking for.

Here are some posts about what juggling does for me, and my experiences with it:

2 thoughts on “Juggling for TBI recovery”

  1. I suffered a bad concussion 18 months ago. I am still in the process of recovering however i can say that light cardio frequently throughout the day, balance training (vestibular), learning a new instrument, taking a lot of epa and dha (2:1) ratio and, b2 riboflavin have lead to the greatest recovery and reduction in symptoms. I am constantly learning a new task and performing it consistently for a 6 week period and then switching to something completely different. There have been several studies(not linked here but they can be found on google scholar) that show these activities can help with the effects and management of an acquired brain injury.

    I am going to add juggling into my daily regimen. Thank you for the information and wish you a speedy full recovery.


  2. Good for you — building new skills and challenging your brain, while doing things to support your system, is an excellent way to go. And it is showing results, for sure. As we recover from brain injuries, our brains have to relearn a lot of things that they used to know by rote. Taking the reins and actively learning new things that you want to learn, is a great way to stay in that learning mode.

    Juggling has definitely benefited me — I actually feel a lot faster, cognitively, after I juggle. I got away from it for a while, and I started to feel sluggish and dull. But last night I did it again and it’s making a noticeable difference.

    Good luck with your recovery and good luck with your juggling.

    Thanks for writing.


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