A Perilous Relief – How TBI and Trauma Combine to Encourage Dangerous Behavior

A Personal Study of the Physiological Foundation(s) of Risk-Taking / Danger-Seeking Behavior


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8 thoughts on “A Perilous Relief – How TBI and Trauma Combine to Encourage Dangerous Behavior”

  1. wow! just found your site, read your first post from 2007, have a VERY similar story, and can’t wait to see more. (wife of TBI sufferer)


  2. I have also experienced a number of TBI’s, some related to interpersonal violence, some to accidents, as well as a number of traumas (lol, see mention of interpersonal violence); and I would be very grateful if I could read this paper on the relationship between TBI, trauma, and risk taking behavior. It has the potential for explaining so very much… or at least making connections that had not been solid in my mind before. I am new to blogging and following blogs, and am very interested in what you are doing here. By the way, your title, or whatever the term for it, “Broken Brain – Brilliant Mind” ? Poetic, evocative, compelling – and brilliant. I’d love to know if you found anything useful or interestin in my blog; I don’t really know what I’m doing and you seem to:) I wuld be honored if you would take a look, if you have the time and inclination. Blessed Be, Meg (Dancing Warrior)


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