A tool to help me sleep

CBT-i Coach

I have been poking around on the Apple App Store, and I found a great little app for helping me deal with my sleep issues. It’s called CBT-i Coach, and it’s a mobile phone app for vets, service members, and others who are in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia.

I’m not in CBT, but I think this could really help me.

I’ve been filling in the details for my sleeping habits, and there’s nothing like having all the data right there in front of you, to tell you where you are.

They also have relaxation and mind-body exercises (although the audio doesn’t seem to work on mine unfortunately), and they have information on developing good sleep habits and getting rid of habits that interfere with sleep.

This looks promising to me. It’s another tool I can use – and it already feels like I have another helper in my corner, to assist with my sleep problems.

Just wanted to share that.


New Year’s Action #1 – uninstall Facebook app

Good-bye FB

I have a smartphone for work – I wouldn’t have one, otherwise. They are too expensive and they are one more thing for me to lug around. The only *real* use for it is to check my email when I am away from work, look up directions, and google businesses so I can find out their hours.

I installed the Facebook app on it, about a year ago, and I cannot begin to count the hours I have wasted “liking” what people are saying, or getting into “discussions” with people that serve only one of two purposes: to agree or to disagree. No one’s opinion has ever been changed due to Facebook comments, to my knowledge.

It’s all very entertaining, to lie in bed before I go to sleep or right after I wake up, and read what people are saying, but what has this actually added to my life? Practically nothing, aside from some laughs. There are some good jokes there, but is this what my life is supposed to be about? Lying in bed laughing at jokes?

My life is precious to me. My time is at a premium. Sleep and good rest is essential to me. So, there was only one logical course to take — to say “Good-bye Facebook smartphone app.”

And I uninstalled it last night before I went to sleep — it has stolen enough resting time from me.

Today is the first day of my Facebook-less life.