Head injury – the gift that keeps on giving

I’m on my way home from visiting my family for the funeral. All in all, it was a good visit, and I learned a few things I had not known before.

The main thing I learned is that my nephew, who has had multiple concussions thanks to falls and collisions in his sports of choice – BMX (bicycle moto-cross), skateboarding and action sports, is having huge problems in his life after graduating from high school last spring. He’s not living independently, and he’s having terrible headaches and sleeping through alarms.

I’ve suspected this might happen to him, and now it’s a reality.

I had a chance to talk to his mom, and she is understandably worried.

I promised to send her some information, and so I shall, when I get home and have access to all my “goodies” on my hard drive. I talked with her a bit, sharing some of my own insights, without saying much about my own experience… I wish I could have said more, but there wasn’t a lot of time and I didn’t know how much to say.

One of the big issues that comes front and center with this situation, is the issue of sense of self. No surprises there. My nephew is very invested in being a BMX racer / stunt rider as well as a skateboarder. So any change to that status is going to mess with his head in a bad way – especially because he’s just now going out in the world.

He is a really great kid, and I have been concerned about him for some time.

Now perhaps I can help.

Gotta try.


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