Change can be good

WordPress has changed their interface for managing blogs, and I like the change. It makes sense. It actually makes the screen easier to read and helps keep me focused on the center part of the page, where I am writing my post(s). The outside navigation (which has nothing to do with what I’m writing) is a different color — it’s “reversed”, in fact, being black with white type, instead of gray and white with black/blue type.

This makes it easier – cuts down on visual confusion, and it keeps my eyes focused on the center of the page.

I didn’t fully realize just how disruptive it was, having everything the same colors, until they changed it. Now I have a palpable sense of relief.

Nice work, WordPress!

This reaction of mine is quite different from the past. In years gone by, I would have gotten upset over a change to something that is familiar to me. Any kind of change would throw me for a loop, and I would lash out at whoever had thrown me off balance. When I was a kid, I had *such* a hard time with any kind of change. The problem was, I lived in situations where there was constant change. Nothing ever stayed the same. I had different classmates in school, every single year, and none of my friends really stayed around that long – either they moved away, or my family did.

So, change and I haven’t always been on good terms.

Now, things are very, very different. I think it has a lot to do with learning how to take the edge off my anxiety and stress — with breathing and also with just letting everything go silent and still for a couple of minutes. Taking a breath and just stopping… before I react to something. That’s important. We live in a world where instant reaction is prized, but for me, that’s a recipe for more stress and suffering.

So, I’m training myself to not go there.

Real progress. And I can truly enjoy the changes around me — like this WordPress upgrade that simply rocks.