Woo hoo! I’m on Wellsphere

A few days ago, I got an invitation from Wellsphere to contribute my blog posts to their health and wellness site — it’s a community/info sharing place where people with all sorts of health and wellness ideas and concerns can connect and share information, experience, and (hopefully) hope. There are communities for healthy living and health, as well as resources and Wellpages – comprehensive, personalized web pages with “health knowledge from carefully selected medical experts, doctors, patients and other leading health writers.”

I’m pretty excited to be included in their site. It’s a great opportunity to spread the word not only about MTBI, but also how it doesn’t have to be the end of the story for folks when they have one.

I’m in the process of going in and cleaning up the posts that got brought in. There are some double-postings happening, which need to be edited. It’s to be expected, when things are done programmatically. And going through the site will give me the chance to get to know my way around better.

It’s all good.