Mission accomplished – got my medical records

medical-recordSo, I’m seeing a neurologist in a little over three weeks, and I have to get them my most recent medical records, which include my MRI and neck X-Ray, as well as the notes from the doctors. I was going to send in my request form, then I thought I’d better just go to the hospital and get all the records myself. It can take 5-10 working days to process everything, and between the time it takes for the forms to get to them through the mail, their processing time, and then the time to send it through the mail to the neuro’s office, it was cutting it close.

So, I just took a long lunch and went myself.

And a good thing I did. Because I mis-read the form and put the wrong dates in. And the person providing the records also couldn’t figure out which ones on the list I wanted, even though I checked ALL RECORDS. I’m glad I didn’t just mail it in, because who knows what would have actually gotten sent?

Plus, now I have a copy of the records for myself, and I can take a look at what the old neuro had to say about me. Plus, I now have a copy of my X-Ray, which is cool. I love imaging. Even if I don’t 100% know what I’m looking at, I still love to inspect it.


Anyway, now I have half my stuff. The other half has to come from my neuropsych, who said they would update my report from before on Sunday, but I haven’t heard from them, so I think they either forgot, or they got busy and couldn’t do it. Who knows what happened? It’s just par for the course – they have been making (and breaking) promises to me for years. Not that they’re any different from anyone else in my life. I see to attract those sorts of people like flies are drawn to a dropped ice cream cone.

Anyway, I’m bushed. It’s been a long day. I may have to find another job before long, because the merger is approaching, and there are questions about the healthcare that’s going to be offered. The plans the new company has are not very good. And I was stuck with one of them before, when I was first trying to get treated for my brain injury stuff, but all I got was a runaround.

I’m reaching out to former colleagues to see if there are any opportunities at places I used to work. One of them may work out. But nothing is certain. I’ll just hang in there… and update my LinkedIn profile while I’m at it.

If your insurance company denies a test or treatment your doctor ordered

Try this:


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