Out with the old, to make room for the new

Speaking of cleaning out, I just cleared out the old “drafts” section of my blog, removing a number of posts I had started before, but either never finished, or had the good sense to not publish. It feels pretty good to be done with it – those are a handful of things I don’t need to think about anymore.

There’s plenty else to think about, quite frankly. Plenty.

I made a bit more of a dent in my basement this morning… and I need to go pick up some disinfectant spray and also some rubber cleaning gloves. It’s getting pretty nasty in some of the corners. It’s amazing what can take up residence there. Fortunately, no cockroaches or termites. Just mice. Very resourceful mice that made nests in some very opportune spots where there was no movement… for years. Now I’m moving things around. And setting traps. I’ve got six traps set in the basement alone. We’ll see what comes of it. I need to set other traps elsewhere in the house, as well. We’re out in the woods… and those rodents know a good, safe place when they see it.

But this is my watch. And this is my home. They can live outside. I cannot. So, it’s time to get hyper-territorial and make it clear who owns this space.

That would be me.

As nasty as this clean-up business is, it’s going to lead to other things. Better things.

But for now, I’ve worked enough to make a dent, and I’m pretty worn out. Didn’t sleep well, last night. Slept, but not as long as I was hoping. So, back to bed. There will be more work to do later. To make room for what’s next.