#ItsNotAllInYourHead – a way to speak up when physical issues are called psychological

sadness-lightning-solitude-manWe have a real problem in medicine, these days (actually, we have a lot of them, but this is the one I’m talking about now). And we have a real problem in psychology. The problem is, actual physiological issues, actual medical conditions which are not fully understood, are being labeled psychosomatic — somatic problems which are created by psychological distress.

Use the  hashtag for Twitter, Facebook — and anywhere hashtags are used — to call out the examples of practitioners’ misuse of psychology to explain away symptoms, and mis-diagnosis of genuine physiological issues as mental health ones.

If you add comments to this space beginning with #itsnotallinyourhead and a title — like  My Doctor Told Me the Pain from Cancer Was Due to Emotional Distress — and then follow it with a brief description, I’ll post it to this blog, so the title gets picked up by Twitter, and people can share it on Facebook with the hashtag intact.

It may not solve the problem, but we can certainly make a point.