Cutting loose

I’m cleaning house. I just sent an email to an acquaintance who came into my house on Sunday as a friend, then proceeded to lie, conceal, accuse, and generally play mind games over some truly hurtful things they have done… and who left on Monday as a former friend.

I didn’t even realize the extent to which they had wasted my time and trashed our relationship, till last night. And I realized that I had parted with 36 very precious hours and a lot of precious money preparing for their visit, getting things ready for them, and then dealing with mind games that were way more elaborate than anything I’ve had to deal with in months, if not years.

Whatever life has thrown their way, they have acquired a formidable skill at mind-f*cking, and in a twisted way I have to admire their proficiency. But I don’t need that in my life.

So, I emailed them and told them I was unfriending them on Facebook, and they had wasted a ton of valuable time with their games over the weekend, and I wasn’t going to be putting up with their sh*t anymore.

Then, when I went on FB to unfriend them, I happened upon a message from an old “friend” who had a bad habit of laughing at me and treating me poorly. They wanted to have breakfast and pick my brain about financial planners. So, I told them that I’d like to have breakfast, on the condition that they be nice to me, because the last time I dealt with them, they were unkind. I told them, if they are amenable to being aware of how they treat me, I’d like to catch up again. But only if they’re amenable.

So, there it is. It feels pretty good. I have so much going on in my life, I just do not have time to fritter away on people who treat me poorly and are just plain ignorant to me. I’ve got to pick and choose, so I am.

It’s nice to have friends – but not friends like them.

Anyway, I am feeling a LOT better these days, now that that old boss from hell is gone, and things are moving a bit more at work. I still can’t stand the workplace, the commute, the cost of meals in the cafeteria, and management’s open disregard for anything and everything sub-executive… but it’s not forever. Something new and different is coming. I can feel it.

And my tax refund is on its way, so life is good.