The crazy dangerous Sochi slopestyle snowboarding course

Shaun White is out of the slopestyle competition at Sochi.


It’s stupidly dangerous, a freakishly challenging course that’s already injured two contestants, and the Olympics haven’t even begun yet.

Who knows? Maybe the Kevin Pearce experience and the Crash Reel movie got people thinking twice about taking chances like that.

Personally, I’m surprised and disappointed that the folks at Sochi would go for such a thing. This is the first time slopestyle has been in the Olympics, though, so maybe they just didn’t realize the gravity/impact.

Anyway, I’m really happy to see that Shaun White has his wits about him. I’m glad he can say “no” instead of diving in and potentially getting really, really hurt.

People who are looking to make money off competitive athletes are definitely not looking out for the athletes’ best interests, so they have to advocate for themselves.

And sometimes say “no”.

So, hats off to Shaun White. Good call.