Introducing the TBI Flies

In the past several years of learning about TBI, I’ve come across a lot of information — most of it in words. Words, words, and more words. I’ve written a lot of words, too. And that’s been great. Sometimes, though, a picture says more — and it can be more fun, too.

So, I’ve created the TBI Flies — two flies, Blue and Green, who hang out and watch people deal with TBI… and talk about it from the outside, in. Green asks a lot of questions, and Blue has a few answers. Both of them have insights. Meet the TBI Flies:

Introducing Blue and Green, The TBI Flies

They’re going to be spending a fair amount of time here, talking about what can go on with TBI. And each image of them that I post can be viewed and printed out, so you can take it with you, put it up on your refrigerator, pinned up on a bulletin board, or whatever else you like to do with these things. I’m hoping I can do something that all too rarely happens with TBI — have a bit of humor about it all.

TBI can be confounding and frustrating and terribly confusing and debilitating. But so can many other aspects of life – and we don’t hesitate to laugh about everything else, do we?

I’m not making fun of TBI, I just trying to get a little “light” on the subject.