Good day today

I’d intended to do some more reading and writing on the mTBI guidelines, but life happened.

I spent 3+ hours making what I thought was a simple repair to some clothing — I had no idea it took so long to sew on a patch… Then I hung out with friends and spent a bunch of time catching up on some things I haven’t been able to get to, because of work.

It was a good day, but this is the first I’m able to sit down at my computer.

And now I’m tuckered out. It’s time for bed.

More later.

Bending time

Okay, I have put in some good time on my Main Project that I am trying to wrap up tonight, and now it’s time to take a quick break to blog. That’s one of the nice things about working at home – I can take breaks here and there without being judged. And I can gather in and collect myself in the silence of my own home office, whenever I need to settle my thoughts.

Not so at work… but I’m not at the office right now, so that’s moot vis-a-vis this post.

What I’m noticing is how time seems to “bend” for me. When I am absorbed in something and totally engaged, it seems to either elongate or condense. And the time estimates I give myself for how long something will take me are often completely wrong.

So, a task that I think will take me a long time, actually doesn’t. Or it does take me a while, and it doesn’t feel like a while.

On the other hand, sometimes I think I can get things done quickly, but when I get started, I realize there’s a lot more to what I have to do, and that can hang me up. I can get very turned around and flustered when my estimates of time and the reality don’t match up.

I’m not sure if that’s a TBI thing, or if it’s a human thing, but I have to say, ever since my last TBI, I have had a hell of a time estimating how long things will take me.

And then there’s the part of it that’s about me worrying too much about details that don’t really matter, and that get me hung up for no good reason.

See my earlier post about not giving a sh*t…

Anyway, now I’ve had my little break, and it’s time to get back to the grindstone. It’s not a very appealing image, actually. How ’bout… it’s time to get back to my professional calling…