This is the new home of my work-in-progress,



Restoring Your Sense of Self after Traumatic Brain Injury

It is based on my own experiences of surviving multiple mild traumatic brain injuries and learning (and re-learning) to restore my Sense Of Self over time. I will be making the electronic version available for free, with a print version to follow.




Chapter 1 – TBI Background and Info

Chapter 2 – Of Self and Sense

Chapter 3 – Does the Self Matter?

Chapter 4 – What Gets Lost – And How

Chapter 5 – What Losing Our Sense-Of-Self Does to Us

Chapter 6 – The Chances We Take to Save Our Selves

Chapter 7 – Why Not Just Let It Go?

Chapter 8 – Getting Back : Safely and Sanely

Chapter 9 – The Best Recovery: A Life Well-Lived

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