Day-to-Day Activities Issues

Problems with Day-to-Day Activities can include:

31. Being overly busy (more than usual)
32. Feeling like you can’t get moving, you’re stuck
33. Feeling like you can’t get anything done


2 thoughts on “Day-to-Day Activities Issues”

  1. BB – In my view, some persons with concussions acquire what is known as an Initiation (of tasks) Deficit. A planner may help a little. Examples: Plannerpads, PlanAheadNow dot com. There are a few cases where the right medicine can temporarily improve initiation a little. Caffeine works for me a little. – Charles

    X-ref: Executive Function vs Executive Function glitches


  2. I hear you about the initiation deficits. I’ve been wrangling with them, myself, for some time. I have not been successful in getting my neuropsych to take these issues seriously, so I have to figure things out on my own. Or maybe they do take them seriously, but they’re just not stepping in to fix it for me.

    I often feel as though I can’t get started. And a lot of times, I just can’t.

    As long as I am not aware that this is the case, I stay stuck. And I don’t get started. Knowing I have this issue is the first step towards doing something about it.


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