Gist Reasoning Scenario 2 – Getting Ready for Work

Remove the items below that you would NOT need to get ready for work. Then choose the top four items you WOULD need, rank them from most important to least important, and write how you would use them. (Hint: You can do this many different ways, depending on the scenario you design for yourself. And you can create multiple scenarios from one collection of items.)

Subway Token       Fishing Rod         Egg beater        Toothpaste             Galoshes

XBox           Sunglasses         Clean Underwear     Pencil Sharpener        Shirt

Car Keys      Earrings                Dress Shoes        Library Card        Nail File

Deodorant          Backhoe         Helmet        Office ID Badge              Extra Sock      Coffee

Comb            Alarm Clock            Parking Ticket             Wallet/Purse           Phone

List the Top Four most important items for Getting Ready for Work:





How you would use them?





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