Gist Template – for TBI recovery

GIST Template – Read an Article and Summarize*

Gist reasoning ability (being able to pick out salient / important / significant details from a story or situation — and also disregard the details that don’t matter) has been shown to indicate how well brain injury survivors can function day-to-day (read more about it by clicking here). It’s an even more reliable indicator than intelligence or memory tests. How many times have you been told, “But you’re so smart!” when you are struggling daily with putting things together, and you feel like you’re barely getting by? Gist reasoning training has been shown to improve ability with repeat practice.

So, here’s an exercise you can do to improve your gist reasoning. Print out this page and then pick out an article online or in the newspaper, and then fill in the information below by hand. You may want to have a friend or family member check it to see if they agree — especially if they’ve got stronger daily functioning skills than you. Most importantly, keep practicing. You can get better!

Article Title

Article Source

1. Read an article online or in the newspaper.

2. Fill out the “5Ws and H” for the article. Be brief.

Who is it about?:___________________________________

What is the story basically about?:____________________________________________

Where does it take place?:___________________________________

When did it happen?:___________________________________

Why did it happen?:____________________________________________________

How did things come about?:________________________________________________

3. Now, write a 20-word gist, putting the story into your own words. The better you can summarize it accurately, without repeating exactly what the article/story said, the better your gist reasoning is.

_________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

_________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

_________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

_________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

_________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

* Based on a template from which you can download by clicking here

4 thoughts on “Gist Template – for TBI recovery”

  1. Hello. I am studying education and have been sifting through all the academic information about gist reasoning. I came to understand more because of the exercises you incorporated in your blog. The research shows that children have a critical period in adolescence to attain good reasoning skills and this will help them for the rest of their life. I will endeavour to use similar types of exercises that you have displayed on your website. Thank you for bringing some clarity to this area. Karen

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  2. Thank you for writing. Developing good reasoning skills is always important. I’m sure there are critical times in life when it’s important to learn certain things — and I’d also add that it’s possible to develop skills later, as well. Keep the faith… Thanks again and best of luck in your work.


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